Film Club wraps up ‘spooky season’ and looks toward next meeting

On Friday October 28 the Film Club had another meeting in the Black Box Theatre. Since it was “spooky season”, they decided to watch a classic horror movie, Psycho, directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock. They provided pizza, drinks, and snacks.

Ms. Brillante chose to show the Psycho because it is a classic slasher film that changed the way people watched and directed movies. The meeting began with Ms. Brillante sharing a PowerPoint presentation about how the film came about, the plot, motifs, production and how it affected how movies were made.

When Hitchcock came up with Psycho no one like the idea, so no one funded it and he ended up having to pay for the movie from his own pockets. Hitchcock did not want anyone to know about what was in the movie, so he bought all of the books that the movie was based on, which was Psycho by Robert Bloch. Once the movie came out he was very certain about how he wanted it to be shown. People were not allowed into the theater once the movie had started and they were begged not to say anything about what happened in the movie because he wanted each person who saw it to have their own experience.

Kelsey Etoundi ‘21 and Elizabeth Melaku ‘23 were in attendance and shared their opinions on the movie. Both Kelsey and Elizabeth had heard of Psycho but have never watched it, and found it interesting. “There was a lot of anticipation with the music and it was a bunch thrilling scenes,” Melaku said.

“The movie was well made. I liked the different angles that hid the killers’s face until he was revealed,” Etoundi said.

The next Film Club meeting will be sometime this semester. Film Club and The Sabre will be teaming up to watch a film about journalism.

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