Track and Field looks to run ahead of the competition

St. Johns prestigious track and field program prepares for another great season. Last year SJC’s track and field team had many triumphs including the girls winning the WCAC championship and the DC State Championship.

Last year, many of St. John’s track and field’s key athletes were seniors. The Sabre caught up with some of the rising athletes to ask some of the changes that will have to happen in this upcoming season to secure another championship title.

Sophomore hurdler Aminah Martin said, “I think we lost a couple of our main contributors to college but we have a lot of recruits coming in and a lot of people who put in a lot of work this off season to become better. Everyone may have to work a little bit harder than last year for another championship title but we are ready to put the work in to continue our success.”

SJC track and field has some new faces joining the team to contribute to another successful season. One of those new faces being a sophomore transfer from Wilson, Josh Thompson, who competes in multiple events.

When asked Why did you choose to join the St.Johns track and field program, Thompson said, “I chose St.Johns because they have a prestigious track program and I felt that I can take my game to the next level with the support of the St.Johns track team. “

There are some big expectations for the St. John’s track and field program coming into the 2020 season, based on the many achievements from last years season.

Sophomore Grace Augustine, 200m runner, caught up with the Sabre. When asked what she expected coming into the 2020 season, Augustine said, “I’m expecting a lot of hard workouts. I believe the coaches are going to push us hard during practices because they know our capabilities just as they did last year. Our team as a whole knows we are capable of being a championship team.”

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