Feliz Años Nuevos! Spanish Club 2019-2020

On October 14, 2019, Spanish Club had their first meeting after school. This year’s president, Amalia Villegas-Vega ‘21, is super excited for this year’s club and has lots of new and exciting plans. 

Spanish Club was started to celebrate various Spanish-speaking cultures not only from Spain, but also from different countries from Latin and Central America. It meets once a month and do a variety of activities in each meeting. People are welcome to come and go, but most people stay for around 15 minutes or more. 

On November 4, Spanish Club celebrated Dia De Los Muertos which is known as “Day of the Dead.” Dia De Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday which derives from a combination of Christian and Mexican indigenous cultures and involves families and loved ones gathering together to remember those who have passed. This holiday is viewed not as a day of mourning, but a day of celebration because it is believed that the passed loved ones are awake and are with their families. 

Villegas-Vega said, “I want to incorporate more fun activities, games, food, and new ideas to embrace and spread knowledge about how similar and different Spanish-speaking cultures are.”

The teacher moderator, Ms. Sims, describes Spanish Club as an opportunity for students to be exposed to the cultures and Spanish language that they wouldn’t experience inside the traditional Spanish classroom. 

Both Ms. Sims and Villegas-Vega emphasized that no Spanish speaking or writing skills are required to join and the club is open to all St. John’s students. 

Even though she studies French at St. John’s, Villegas-Vega took on the role as president after the club’s former presidents, Erick Rivadeneira ‘19 and Sara Miller ‘19, graduated this past spring. Her enthusiasm and energy for this years Spanish Club were seem at the first two meetings which got off to a great start with lots of new members and delicious snacks! 

If you are interested in joining the Spanish Club or have any questions, contact Amalia Villegas Vega at avillegasvega21@stjohnschs.org.

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