Things to do on the Red Line

After school, students flock to Friendship Heights. But after months or even years of doing this, it can get boring. There’s only so much to do in one tiny area. Even just a stop or two on the Metro can make your afternoon much more exciting.

White Flint

At first glance, White Flint is nothing special. Right across Rockville Pike though, lies Pike and Rose. The shopping center has a multitude of places to eat including Baked Bear, Bibibop, &Pizza, as well as many stores.


In between all of the new high rises, Bethesda has loads to offer. My favorite places to go are the Original Pancake House and Tastee Diner. If you are in the mood for breakfast food, try one stop north of Friendship!

Woodley Park-Zoo

Only a half mile walk from the Metro stop lies the National Zoo. Walking through it, especially during Zoo lights during Christmas time is an original activity for after school or on the weekend.

Metro Center

All of the monuments and Smithsonian’s are just a short walk from Metro Center, making it the perfect place to tour your hometown. You can walk the National Mall and visit the monuments and museums! If you get hungry, District Taco and Panera are just a couple of the many places to grab a bite.

Gallery Place-Chinatown

Gallery Place is a big station where the green, yellow, and red lines all meet each other. Right next to the stop is Capital One Arena where sports games and concerts are played. A short walk around the corner past everything touristy is where Chinatown will greet you. You can get good, authentic, and affordable food and many restaurants.

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