Club spotlight: Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a club that teams up with other schools to support inclusion. It encourages community that does not discriminate, and creates awareness for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“It means a lot because I have family members and friends who have disabilities and I want for them to be included and welcomed into society as opposed to the ‘norm’ now of being isolated,” Olivia Cristillo ‘21 said. Many people suffer or know people that suffer from mental disabilities, and it is important to make them feel included and not feel different because they are not society’s norm. 

Their goal for this year is to “spread a sense of including across the school and grow the club overall,” Cristillo said. They have had a few meetings already this school year. They had an interest meeting on October 10 to talk to those that signed up during the club fair. They also had a trip to The Kennedy School, which is St. John’s friendship school. Most recently they had The Friendship Walk that included all Best Buddies chapters in the DMV area.

Best Buddies is an important and special club. Aela Riley ‘21 said, “Best Buddies is special because we strive to include all people, no matter who they are. Our mission is to spread inclusion, and by having this club we are doing that within our SJC community. Students should join Best Buddies because it promotes the mission of inclusion and joins our communities together (St. Johns and the Kennedy School). We just want to spread the message of inclusion through our field trips and activities with the students of the Kennedy School.” 

Best Buddies is a meaningful club to so many people and students should join because it could make a huge impact on someone and on themselves. It is never too late to join the club so make sure to email Olivia ( and Aela ( to find out more information.

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