Club spotlight: Current Events club

Juniors Grace Yetter ‘21 and Bailey Middleton ‘21 have started a new current events club at SJC open to all students. The club takes place during homeroom and is a space for people to discuss their opinions on topics like politics and foreign affairs. So far, the club has discussed the opioid crisis, college tuition, and the Hong Kong protests.

In order to start the club, the girls had to fill out an application form that was approved by Student Affairs. After writing a description of the club for the school website and club catalog, they were able to start planning meetings. 

The club doesn’t have a set schedule, but meetings usually occur on Monday’s either during homeroom or after school. The club began based on both Middleton and Yetter having a shared interest in the topic and wanting to put it to good use. 

“We are all very interested in current events and we know that there are many other students out there who are very passionate about it as well. Because of this, we wanted to provide a laid-back, respectful outlet for students interested in these subjects to come and express and discuss their opinions and ideas” said Middleton. 

Saoirse Healy ‘21 was one of the first people to attend the club’s meetings. “I really liked the comfortable feel of the club and having an opportunity to talk to my friends after school. I also got to learn about topics I had never thought about before.”

The pair also have plenty of ideas for future meetings. From topics like the death penalty and the impeachment inquiry to the legalization of marijuana, there are many topics that will be brought up. They are also thinking of potential field trip ideas for the club. “We are planning to host a field trip downtown to go to the Capitol Building and/or sit in on either a DC Circuit or Supreme Court case hearing” Yetter said.

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