Album Review: Luke Combs

On November 8, Luke Combs released his highly anticipated new album, “What You See Is What You Get.” The album includes seventeen songs, five of which were previously released. 

“What You See is What You Get” is special because Combs’ inspiration, Eric Church, is featured on the album. Less than a decade ago, Luke was pulled into the business because of his love for old, nineties country. According to the Rolling Stone, he purchased a rare Eric Church Gibson guitar in Nashville. As he walked out the door he promised the employee that one day he would share a stage with Church. The salesman let out a chuckle thinking that Combs was crazy, because little did he know that Luke’s dream would come true. 

Church and other country stars greatly influenced most of Combs’ work. Unlike most modern country singers, he doesn’t mix his genre with anything else. Listeners appreciate that he doesn’t take advantage of new beats and keeps his music down to earth and simple; his new album is a testament to that. 

“What You See Is What You Get” acts as a mirror being held up to Comb’s thoughts. It delivers wisdom without forgetting that we all make mistakes and have burdens. The album isn’t supposed to be coherent and tied together – much like our lives. It sounds like the audio interpretation of a scrapbook, covering daily triumphs and failures. 

Nonetheless, Luke Combs already has a sold out 2020 tour and is gaining popularity by the second. 

My favorite song on the album is “1,2 Many,” which is a clever take on a common theme in modern country music. “Blue Collar Boys” is a close runner up, focusing on Combs’ background. 

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