Best of the Decade: The 2010s weren’t so bad

The 2010s were a tumultuous decade. There were tons of bad things that happened,  including scandals, differences in politics that divided the nation for a short time, and day-to day-problems we all face. The 2010s weren’t fantastic, and we can only hope the 2020s are better. 

However, despite the terrible things that happened in the 2010s, was it really that bad? Especially when compared to the rest of human history? The 2010s were really, if you think about it, the best time in human history. I know people living in the 2010s would possibly disagree, but I ask that you just hear me out for a bit.

The 2010s were the most successful time for human history and technology. Technology advanced throughout the 2010s, more than any time in history. In particular, smart phones advanced an extreme amount during the 2010s. Even if cellphones with internet were made before 2010, they didn’t come into prominence until after. It’s a lot better than back in the 1870s, when electricity didn’t even exist before 1879. And the decades before that had no electricity! Imagine living back then without electricity. It seems so strange and almost impossible nowadays. 

Life back before the 2010s was just harder for humans, so there’s not much for us to be complaining about in the 2010s. Remember the Civil War, the bloodiest war in American history? Imagine living during that time. People would be randomly drafted to go to war and would have to leave their families. This continued until the 1970s. This, luckily, doesn’t happen anymore. People can choose whether they want to go or not. 

People also aren’t as violent as they were back in the day. I know there is definitely some violence nowadays, but compared to the Middle Ages, today is super peaceful. There’s no deaths by guillotine anymore, so we must be doing something right. 

The 2010s were the best time in human history, seriously. It may not seem like it, but as stated above, the problems faced in earlier years were much more dire than anything being faced now, besides Ebola or something. Humans seem to be evolving, as well as the world around them, making life get better as time goes on.

Life wasn’t great in the 2010s for some people, but even their lives were better than the lives of those in the generations before us. So we should appreciate life more and try to live life to the fullest.

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