Five gifts to get your fellow SJC students

Christmas is almost here, and people are running out of time to get gifts for their family and friends. This is a list of the five gifts you should get your fellow St. John’s students.


For you rich folks out there, which I assume is a decent amount of you since a lot of people already have these, AirPods are a great gift to give a St. John’s student. They can use them at school and at home. Whether it be to listen to music, an audiobook, or Netflix, AirPods are a great gift to get one of your friends. 

Hydro Flask

This is a gift for the VSCO girls out there. Hydro Flasks have become extremely popular over the last few months, and it’s clear which demographic they appeal to. They are a very useful resource for carrying and supplying water and other drinks you need to get through the day. It also keeps your beverage cool the whole day.

A Book

This may seem like a random, maybe even bad choice for a gift, especially for people in this generation. And you’re right! Whoever you give this gift to will probably not like it at first. But, you’ll be providing them with the knowledge of a novel and the opportunity to broaden their horizons and maybe learn to read better in class when the teacher calls on them.

Any Food/Candy Whatsoever

Food and candy are great stocking stuffer ideas, and a cheap alternative for a gift for your friends. Any high-schooler loves food, because it gives them the energy to deal with all the different classes throughout the day. Candy is especially popular as a gift as it gives people a sugar rush, meaning the ability to grind throughout the day and get through classes before a sugar crash later in the day.


This is for those who are in a relationship. Giving your significant other a sweatshirt, specifically one of your own sweatshirts, will make them very happy. It’ll make them feel like you’re always with them, even if you’re apart. This is an extremely easy gift to get as you don’t even have to buy it!

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