Mark Shrivers speaks to St. John’s students

The De Lasalle Scholars had a seminar from the director of “Save the Children” and founder of The Action Network, Mark Shriver. He graduated from the College of Holy Cross and began his career devoted to public service. His dedication to public works was inspired by his dad who founded the Peace Corps and helped start the Special Olympics, and his mom who attends mass every single day.

Shriver discussed how loss has impacted his life. He lost the election for the House of Representatives, and started writing stories about his dad passing away, beginning to write his first book at 45 years old. He has two New York Times best selling books and started a program called The Choice Program for young college graduates to work with juvenile delinquents, checking in on the kids, making sure they get rehabilitated. 

Shriver works now raising money and meeting with governors to change how they spend money in state governments.

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