5 Best Places To Study for Exams 

With exams just around the corner, it is crucial that you start studying, and that means you need some good places to study. These are the top 5 places at or near SJC to study for your exams:

The Library: The library is a great on-campus spot to go to get some studying before exams. It provides a quiet atmosphere to help you focus as well as numerous books to aid in your studies. The library is open before and after school, which makes it easily accessible to students. It also has lots of seating so you don’t have to worry about not having a place to sit. 

The student walkway: The walkway is another on-campus spot to go to study. Though it has limited seating, it is always available. And unlike the library you can talk with people as loud as you want if you need help or are studying together. There are also many outlets for iPads and has a great view of the campus. 

Community photos of Friendship Heights, Washington, DC

Peet’s Coffee: Located in friendship, Peet’s is a relatively new coffee shop. It has a nice atmosphere and is a great place to study. It has many outlets so you can charge your outlet, but more importantly it has coffee and food. So when you’re running low on energy before exams you can wake up and get your study on. 

Whole Foods: Also in friendship, the Whole Foods makes a great spot to study. There’s free WiFi and lots of seating, as well as outlets for your iPads. You can also get practically any food you’re craving because it’s a grocery store. 

A teacher’s classroom: It may seem strange, but the teachers classroom is one of the best places to study. Most teachers make their rooms available before school and sometimes after school. It’s very convenient because they can help you with anything you’re struggling with, and for the most part they tend to provide a great atmosphere for focusing and actually studying. 

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