Binge-worthy television shows: Shameless

“Shameless” is an American comedy-drama series on the channel Showtime. It is based off of the British show of the same name created by Paul Abbott. The show stars William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, as well as a bundle of others. The show follows the Gallaghers, a poor family living in the south side of Chicago. 

The characters really make the show. William H. Macy plays Frank Gallagher, the patriarch of the Gallagher family. He is a terrible father and an even worse drunk, who gets into tons of situations his family has to get him out of. Emmy Rossum plays Fiona, the complete opposite of Frank. She is the oldest daughter of Frank, and was the one who practically raised the rest of the Gallaghers herself. She acts as the leader of the Gallagher clan and keeps everyone from getting into too much trouble.

         The other characters in the main cast are:

  1. Lip – The second oldest as well as the smartest Gallagher, who often gets the gang out of many situations.
  2. Ian- the younger brother of Lip who wants to become part of the military. He and Lip are very close.
  3. Debbie- a young girl who is rather innocent and has a positive outlook on life.
  4. Carl- an even younger brother who has some sadistic tendencies, but also a heart of gold. 
  5. Liam- the youngest of the Gallaghers, who can’t talk for a majority of the first few seasons. 

The setting adds a lot to the show as well. A very big majority of the show takes place in the south side of Chicago. The south side of Chicago is often referred to in the show as a bad place to live. Either way, it adds a lot of character to the show. The townsfolk of the south side are all interesting, too, with characters like Kev and Veronica, as well as Mickey and Mandy Milkovich. 

The music in the show is pretty great. It doesn’t have an original score, but rather finds songs and picks them for specific episodes. These songs are often rock or rap or other variations of heavy music. It is very enjoyable to see what songs the show picks.

The show has been strong enough in both quality and ratings. It has been going on for a long time. It has just recently started its tenth season. This makes it Showtime’s longest running scripted show in history.

Overall, “Shameless” is a very interesting show that will not only make you laugh, but perhaps even cry as well. The characters are great, and the other parts of the show are also great. I recommend watching it.

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