Album review: Halsey’s Manic

I’ve never been much of a Halsey fan. I don’t really listen to the type of music she makes, thus I don’t listen to her much at all. She recently released a new album called “Manic.” Her new album may be a bit forgettable musically, but has a rich message essential to life.

Her album debuted with her biggest opening yet for an album and has 180,000 pure album sales in the first week. The album is 15 songs long and is about 50 minutes long. 

The album was first teased in 2019. Halsey stated she wanted her new album to be “perfect.” The lead single “Nightmare” was released on May 17, 2019. It was intended to be the lead single from the album. It was released to quite a bit of fanfare from her fans and was received well by critics. 

Halsey has described her singles as “female rage.” This seems like a statement about how women are treated in modern society. I find this to be an interesting and fresh take on how women are treated. Not many artists are brave enough to tackle such difficult issues like biases against women. While I may not be a Halsey fan, this has definitely made me respect her as a person, and I agree with her viewpoints in terms of how women are treated poorly. 

The album as a whole was just OK in my opinion. Definitely wasn’t a bad album, or an offensive one. I don’t have any particular problems to point out with the album. It’s just not my type of music. While I may not love her music as much as others, I can look past that to see the messages Halsey is trying to send with her music. The messages she sends, particularly the one about treatment of women mentioned earlier, are very powerful. 

Overall, Halsey is a solid artist that will continue having success in the future. I hope she continues to use her music as an outlet to let out her opinions or messages to her audience, to be a good role model for her fans. While this album may not change many minds on the type of music Halsey makes, till certainly make you respect her. Fans of Halsey will also love the album. 


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