St. John’s welcomes new psychology teacher

This January, SJC welcomed a new face to the social studies department, Mr. Baum. Mr. Baum takes over for Dr. Carter and will teach AP Psychology and regular Psychology. 

Mr. Baum grew up in Washington, DC, and previously taught for eight years at Catholic schools in the Diocese of Arlington. He also worked one summer as a barista and gelato maker so he could make latte art. He said he gained a greater appreciation for people who work in restaurants or hospitality after that. 

What brought him to SJC was the school’s excellent reputation and the fact that his brother and wife attended SJC. He said, “As soon as I saw an opening, I applied right away.” 

As a new teacher, it can be difficult to adjust to a new school, especially coming midway through the year. Mr. Baum said that the adjustment was fine, but of course it takes time to learn names and the layout of the school. As he said to his students, “I couldn’t find a break room after looking around nearly the entire school on my second day here.” Many St. John’s students can relate to that feeling, especially their freshman year.

Mr. Baum says he felt welcomed and supported by all the faculty and staff, which made his experience coming to SJC amazing. He followed up by saying that his students are great and he looks forward to teaching them every day. 

In his free time he coaches crew, which he has been doing for the past 11 years. He plans on taking a position as a crew coach for SJC. Mr. Baum said, “I will likely continue coaching until I move somewhere without a river or until my time has to be focused elsewhere.” 

Other than coaching, Mr. Baum enjoys traveling internationally, running races, and watching sports. If you ever see Mr. Baum in the halls or have him in the upcoming years, say hello, get to know him, be friendly, and welcome him to the St. John’s community.

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