Meet FitsReimagined, a buyable lookbook from Ahmad Dove ’20 

Shopping at secondhand shops and thrift stores has become more popular due to vintage fashion trends coming back. It’s convenient. Thrifted clothes are usually more affordable than purchasing new items. It is more environmentally friendly than purchasing new clothing pieces, which have an average lifespan of five years. Searching for clothes at large thrift stores, such as Goodwill, can be fun and exciting. No matter where you get your clothes, clothing can be used as a form of expression and does not have to be expensive! 

Senior Ahmad Dove is known for his unique style, which he describes as “eclectic, different, ever-changing.” In December 2019, Dove turned his love for fashion into profit through his Instagram account, @fitsreimagined, where he and his friend Eric Easter, a senior at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, sell clothes they either already own, received from friends, or got from vintage sources. 

Originally, Dove and Easter had no plans of selling clothes, let alone creating a platform to sell items. “It actually started as a joke. Then we made the [Instagram] page. We made the account, thought about the name and bada bing, bada boom. FitsReimagined was born.”  

Dove said the account is “designed to be a lookbook [that is] fit into our style. A buyable lookbook, since you can actually purchase what you want based off of the looks we have.” 

If you look at their account, most of the items they sell have a unique style that combines modern streetwear items with a vintage aesthetic. They sell not only clothing, but also shoes, jewelry, belts, and more. The price range for most of the items averages around $10-$20, but do not underestimate the quality and value of their clothes. One of their most valuable items was a vintage Givenchy trench coat, which sold for $150. 

Dove hopes to expand FitsReimagined in the future by gaining more popularity and including more designer and name brands. 

Personal note from the reporter: I have bought several items from FitsReimagined, and I can say I am super impressed by their uniquely curated clothing selection and their affordable price range. If you’re interested in buying vintage-styled clothes or want to gain inspiration for your own outfits, check out @fitsreimagined on Instagram! 

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