Five movies to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day

February is the time of year when we eat chocolates and see cupids everywhere. To get in the mood for Valentine’s Day, here are a few movies to watch with your bae or a few friends! 

The Notebook (2004) 

The Notebook is a classic romance movie. It’s set in the 1940s in South Carolina and features mill worker Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and rich girl Allie (Rachel McAdams), who are crazy in love. Allie’s parents don’t approve of Noah because of his working-class family. When Noah joins the army and serves in World War II, it seems to be the end of their relationship. While Noah is away, Allie, thinking the relationship is over, gets involved with another man (James Marsden). When Noah returns to South Carolina after the war and sees Allie again, they realize their feelings for each other never left. 

About Time (2013) 

When Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) turns 21, his father (Bill Nighy) lets him in on a secret: the men in their family have the ability to travel through time. Although Tim isn’t able to change the past, he comes to the conclusion that getting a girlfriend will improve his life. Then he meets Mary (Rachel McAdams); he falls in love with her and wins her heart using time travel. As his life progresses, Tim realizes that his time-travel ability can’t solve his real-world problems.

One Day (2011)

On the day of their college graduation, two polar opposites create a lifelong friendship. Emma (Anne Hathaway) comes from a working-class family and wants to make the world a better place. Dexter (Jim Sturgess) is a playboy who believes the sky is the limit. Over the course of 20 years, they always reunite on July 15, their graduation date. They share everything that’s happened over the the last year, and they eventually find that they truly are in love with each other. 

The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

The Fault in Our Stars is based on the John Green novel and is a real tearjerker, but nevertheless a great romantic movie. Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) is a 16-year-old cancer patient who falls in love with Gus Waters (Ansel Elgort), a boy from her cancer support group. Hazel feels like Gus truly understands her struggle. They are both witty and love reading. Hazel’s favorite book is An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. Gus receives an invitation to meet Van Houten and he and Hazel have the adventure of their very short lives. 

Love and Basketball (2000)

Two childhood friends, Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps), aspire to be professional basketball players. Quincy was raised around basketball, since his father plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, and he has a natural talent for basketball and is a great leader. Monica is extremely competitive, but sometimes overly emotional on the court. Throughout their years of friendship they begin to fall for each other; but their different paths to basketball begin to threaten their relationship.

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