Morning News – 02/19

We failed to submit the news for edits. So, here is the text version:

Friday is a 1:10 Dismissal. Students need to move their cars from the back lot as soon as possible due to construction. The library and cafeteria will be closed at 1:10 p.m.


The SJC Film Club is showing the Oscar-Award Winning movie PARASITE! This year, Parasite won Best Screenwriting, Best Directing, Best International Film, and Best Picture! It is the first international film ever to win the Oscar for Best Picture.


Save the Date : Thursday, March 19, Black Box Theater, 3pm.

Come to learn about film-making, watch the movie, and eat pizza. ALL ARE WELCOME!


If you are under 18, A PARENT MUST EMAIL MRS. BRILLANTE PERMISSION, due to its R-rating.

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