Five unconventional sacrifices for the Lenten season

Every year when Lent comes around, Catholics are faced with the question of what to give up for the next 40 days. The classic sacrifices include desserts, TV, and junk food. But after a few years of giving up the same thing, it can get a little old. Here are some unconventional Lenten sacrifices:

Your Bed
A major highlight of my past year was giving up my bed last Lent. I cherish a good night’s sleep more than anything, so it was humbling to sacrifice that. Sleep either directly on the floor, or opt to rest on a yoga mat.

Don’t Buy Anything You Don’t Need
During the whole Lenten season, don’t purchase anything unnecessary. This allows you to renounce material possessions and make more time for God.

While you probably won’t be able to give up your school iPad, you can still delete all unnecessary apps on your phone. Social media, games, and Netflix all fall into this category.

No Complaining
Try not to talk negatively for 40 days. Don’t speak badly about others, about yourself, or about your responsibilities. Try and find something to love about all of God’s creations.

Judgement Toward Others
Every time you feel yourself about to say something about another person, pray for them instead. Even if you just think negatively about them – pray for them! If you don’t think Jesus would say that thing to their face – don’t say it.

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