How to survive a move

It’s no secret that moving houses is a stressful time, even if you’re just going down the street. You have to sort through all your things, decide if you are going to take them with you, and pack all of the survivors up.

Packing is just half the stress, though. Once you have all your belongings together, it is time to clean up the house or apartment you are leaving. If you have a strict landlord, as my family does, this means sweeping and scrubbing the floors, wiping down the walls, cleaning out the fridge, and even cleaning the windows.

When moving day finally arrives, the stress really kicks in. You are in a rush to make sure everything you own is on the moving truck or in your car. When you finally arrive at your new home, everything becomes real. The day you have been preparing for weeks, or even months, is here. As you unpack, build your furniture, and settle in, the stress dies down.

But what if you never had to feel the stress in the first place? 

The only way to ensure that you are relaxed come moving day is to prepare. Next week, I am moving for the second time in six months, and even though I am just moving across my neighborhood, it’s always a little bit scary. 

One month before you move, sort out everything in your room that you haven’t used within the last year. Go through clothes that don’t fit you anymore. If there is anything that you don’t use regularly or that doesn’t bring you joy, toss or donate it. Doing this decreases the number of boxes you will need and saves you time when packing and unpacking. 

The next weekend, go through your closet, desk, or another storage area. Box up any clothes, school supplies, and books that you won’t need for the next two weeks. The more you can box up and sort through, the better. 

About one and a half to two weeks out from your move, pack up everything except what you will need for the next couple of weeks. If it helps, make sure everything you keep out can fit in a suitcase. Make sure to have clothes to fit the weather and toiletries.

As moving day approaches, you can focus on helping your family and cleaning up the house. Assist them in packing up the kitchen, living room, and other shared spaces.

The day of the move, remain calm. Try to unpack your things as quickly as possible so you can organize them. 

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