Athletics discusses the importance of giving back

Poverty Week is a relatively long-standing tradition here at St. John’s in which the school community comes together to learn about people living in poverty and what they can do to support those in need. The Sabre looked into what serving the community means to the coaches and players of SJC.

Coach Patrick O’Connor, a teacher and coach at St. John’s, had this to say about the boys basketball team’s service to the community: “The basketball program’s volunteer work at Mt. Sinai Church was a great opportunity for our guys to come together and serve the community.  David Street, an SJC alum, organized the day for us to unload and pack a truck of food to be delivered to families in need on Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in our community, and we highly recommend other teams doing similar service days.”

Similarly, the football team makes a yearly trip around the community during Christmas to go caroling and lift spirits across DC. Varsity quarterback Wyatt Hagan ’22 had this to say about the trip: “I think caroling is a great way to not only build our team chemistry and get to know each other off the field, but also to lift the Christmas spirit of those who may not have the same things we can sometimes take for granted. As Christians here at St. John’s, it is also a duty and an expectation to serve others while following in the mission of Christ.”

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