How to stream church services during your quarantine

Hundreds of churches have been forced to close as a result of Coronavirus in D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. Many have decided to transition to live streaming services online and posting videos on their websites. At the time of reporting, Coronavirus cases in the United States have passed 200,000 and the federal government has declared a state of emergency. The result of this is that all social gatherings of over 10 people have been postponed or canceled due to the CDC’s decision to limit mass gatherings in an attempt to slow the spread of infection. 

On March 1 a priest at Christ Church in Georgetown D.C. led mass and distributed communion, and later that week tested positive for Coronavirus. After several church members tested positive for COVID-19, a domino effect of church closures occurred. However, there are still several options available to stream mass online. is a website dedicated to live-streaming catholic masses daily and providing a variety of options. This site is an excellent source for those who find more time in their day to day life and wish to attend online mass more frequently. 

The Washington National Cathedral is posting videos and live-streaming their services on YouTube. They update their page regularly and online church services often include instruments such as the organ and even choral performances. Their YouTube page can be found here: – 

Metropolitan Baptist Church located in Largo, Md. is another community that is posting live-streams and videos of their services on their website: . They are not currently holding public mass, however, their videos include every part of Sunday service, even traditional gospel choir music.

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