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Note: Sarah Rowland reviews Outer Banks and Kaia Anderson gives you five more shows to binge heading into the weekend.

Outer Banks (2020 – Present)

Netflix released the show Outer Banks on April 15, and since then it has become a hot topic across multiple social media platforms. The show follows John B. and his friends, who are considered “Pogues”, or the lower class residents of the Outer banks, who live there year round. On the other hand there are also the Kooks, they are the upper class residents who come for vacation. There is a lot of tension between the two groups throughout the season, which creates a lot of drama and makes the show much more entertaining for the viewer. Surprisingly though, the Pogue vs. Kook drama is not the main focus of the show, the main focus is on John B. and his journey to find a lost ship from the 19th century that also ties into his dad’s disappearance. There is also a little bit of a romance between John B. and a Kook named Sarah Cameron, which ultimately plays a huge role in the show.

Personally, I am a big fan of the show, I binged it in one night during spring break and couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. It took me on an emotional roller coaster and I found myself crying multiple times, but I feel like if a show can get you that emotionally attached it has to be worth recommending. The drama is also so entertaining, throughout the show you witness a series of relationship drama, Pogue vs. Kook drama, lots of fighting, and so much more. The show also earned a score of 89 on rotten tomatoes and has been the focus of many Tik Toks. So, personally, I think while you have nothing else to do during this “coronacation” check out “Outer Banks”.

Money Heist (2017- Present)

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) is a Spanish show on Netflix about a man who goes by “The Professor.” He wants to pull off the biggest heist in history; by breaking into the Royal Mint of Spain and printing billions of Euros. To pull this heist off, he recruits eight people who have nothing to lose. The group of eight take hostages to help them in their negotiations with the authorities. As time goes by, the thieves get ready for a showdown with the police. 

You (2018- Present)

You is a very popular Netflix show for a reason. Joe Goldberg is a bookstore manager who comes across an aspiring writer who goes by Beck. His innocent and charming crush quickly becomes something darker when Beck becomes Joe’s number one obsession. Joe uses the internet and social media to get closer to her. He is willing to go to any length to get Beck to be his; and that means removing all obstacles, even people. 

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness (2020) 

Tiger King is a documentary about a zookeeper who goes by the name Joe Exotic. Joe ran a zoo in Oklahoma mainly showcasing tigers. This documentary series explores the world of big cat conservationists, like Carol Baskin, and big cat collectors like Joe Exotic. The series revolves around their vastly different opinions on the treatment and exploitation of wild animals. 

Love is Blind (2020) 

Love is blind is set around an even number of single men and women who try to match with a person and fall in love; the catch is, they will only see each other when they are engaged. The show is somewhat of an experiment trying to see if an emotional connection is more important than a physical attraction. 

Atypical (2017- Present)

 Sam is a teenager on the autism spectrum, who for most of his life has been coddled by his family. Now he is in a stage where he wants to gain independence and to do that he decides that he is ready for a love life. Due to his newfound independence, this now allows the rest of Sam’s family to find their paths but to also understand Sam better. Now Sam and his family are exploring what it means to be “normal.”

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