Travis Scott does concert on Fortnite

Marshmello’s performance in February 2019 was a game changer for both the music and gaming industries, as it drew almost 11 million virtual players. Even though the concert was so successful, Epic Games hadn’t considered hosting another event until recently. Now, with Fortnite enjoying record numbers of online players, mostly due to the global health pandemic, they decided it would be a perfect time for part two. 

The second appearance by a major music artist was a complete banger, as over 12.3 million players tuned in for Thursday’s virtual performance by Travis Scott. Those numbers outdid the 10.7 million who tuned in for Marshmello’s 2019 concert. In the days leading up to the performance, many streamers made their way back to the game as the stage was being built. Scott had announced he would perform some of his hit songs and would be dropping an unreleased song, which turned out to be “The Scotts”. 

After the concert was over , it shot up to number one on the charts of multiple music platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Streamers and players from around the world tuned in at 7 pm on April 23rd. Some big names include Juju Smith-Schuster, Devin Booker, Gordon Hayward, Troydan, Ninja, and Lazarbeam. 

While the event wasn’t a mosh pit filled with screaming and crowd surfing, it was about as close as one could get virtually. A giant Travis Scott jumping off an asteroid surrounded by lightning, fire, dancers, and autotune is pretty cool too. Many called the event one of the best since Fortnite’s release date in 2017 and it was a great experience for those about to go Sicko Mode in quarantine. 

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