SJC welcomes new Scholars Program Director

This year, St. John’s welcomes Ms. Logan to work with and advise the Scholars Program. Logan grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and she still visits in the summer. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Government from Harvard and her Master of Science in Educational Studies from Johns Hopkins.

Logan has many goals for the Scholars Program, including encouraging engagement within all grade levels of scholars, assisting with the development of senior Scholar Projects, and creating what she refers to as “student-centered field experiences”. She is particularly looking forward to guiding the Scholars through the college application process and accompanying them on their international trip. Logan identifies closely with the SJC Scholars due to the rigorous course load she endured during her personal high school experience. After being introduced to Saint John’s and the Scholars Program itself, she felt she would not only be able to further her career in education, but also be a helpful asset to the program and its members.

As far as advice goes during these uncertain times, Logan recommends for Scholars, and all students for that matter, to deliberately take breaks from distance learning.

She advises taking walks, distance with a friend, or doing something one enjoys, instead of sitting behind a screen. Logan said, “Since our home and school lives are blending, it is easy to become consumed by our devices and workload.”

She also urges students to communicate frequently with teachers. Whether that is through a short email or by staying after class to say hello or ask a quick question. She said no effort to connect is too small. 

Logan said her advice students comes from her own high school experiences. “I set specific academic and extracurricular goals for myself in high school, and those goals helped me to maintain focus and balance my time in high school,” Logan said. She stresses the importance of developing strong friendships and learning to love learning!

Logan loves ordering breakfast tacos from Taco Bamba and onion rings and a classic Heath Bar shake from Z-Burger. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and learning about different people and places around the world. She has been to Borneo, Cambodia, Iceland, and Vietnam. Logan also grew up playing ice hockey in high school and continues to play in separate leagues in D.C. today. She has begun playing ball hockey, as well.

Ms. Logan says she has been incredibly impressed so far by the Scholars and she looks forward to working with them.

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