Esports gearing up for the fall season

As Fall begins, the St. John’s Esports team starts their season. The Esports team is a great way for students to stay connected, compete, and have fun especially during the pandemic. 

Although this program is relatively new to St. John’s, this team has had much success. Last year, Chris Mumola ’21, led the team to a victory against Gonzaga in a Super Smash Bros tournament. 

Currently, the Esports team is competing in a school wide competition. Members of the team are going head to head in games such as Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. 

St. John’s has some very talented players, such as Daniel DeLude 21’ who is the highest ranked player in Overwatch, and Colin Kai Valcacel and Josh Simpson 21’, who placed in the top 20 teams nationally for Warzone. 

Founder and leader of the club, Fouad Ayoub ‘21, said, “The team has had that this team has great potential at St. John’s from the very beginning, both the student body and the administration have been supportive of the club’s ambitions.” 

The club offers connections and opportunities to build relationships. Ayoub is confident that the team will continue to grow. He stated, “It is great to see these come out of their shell and make friends with others through their passion for video games, as well as express their competitive side that, before, might not have shown. The industry of Esports is growing exponentially, and the established leagues and tournaments at every level of play allows our team to thrive.”

This team is a great way for students to come out of their shell, meet other students, compete, and have a great time. If interested in joining, contact Fouad Ayoub, at

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