Mission and Ministry continues to further Lasallian pedagogy

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Covid-19 has impacted the lives of countless people during these unprecedented times. Individuals have to adapt often when going about their day. This is exactly what St. John’s is doing in order to further the Lasallian tradition in the school through masses and retreats.

St. John’s has been working around the virus and finding ways for the community to come together and become spiritually stronger, so students, faculty, and staff experience the best of our school. During the months of September and October, mission and ministry is working on getting most SJC students for retreats, prayer, and community engagement. 

The school has produced different opportunities for students to deepen their relationship with God. One way that SJC has allowed us to strengthen students’ faith was the opening all school mass on September 11 with Archbishop Gregory. Mr. Tom Sipowicz, Director of Mission Integration and a Morality and Social Justice teacher at SJC, said, “Though the mass was only attended by a few, we were all able to gather together virtually for this annual prayer.” Also, daily prayer is posted for students to communicate with God. In addition, the mission and ministry has started having frequent check-ins with students, especially newer ones.  

SJC has come up with various ways for the school to still gather as a community. The sophomore class retreats occurred earlier this year and Ms. Catherine Coffey, a campus minster and peer ministry teacher, said, ” [It allowed] students to meet other members of their class, have a fun day, and see how the Holy Spirit is working in their lives.”

St. John Baptiste de la Salle was revolutionary because he emphasized meeting students where they are. Mission and ministry is trying to do that still today in our SJC community.

During these odd times with the pandemic, SJC is working with creativity to ensure safe and good ways for students to gather and grow as humans individually and as a community.

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