H.E.R. Club creates open space for discussion of social issues impacting women

Since the start of the school year, many people have been excited to start new clubs. One of them being the H.E.R. Club. H.E.R. stands for Her Essence Radiates. This club was started by junior DaNae Harrison. H.E.R club creates an open space for girls to discuss social issues they face and women across the world face, while bonding and doing fun activities. 


In her freshman year DaNae  joined the Pre-Health club and Girl Up. Once the seniors left, the Pre-Health club didn’t continue into her sophomore year. DaNae wanted to have a club that incorporated things she had learned from Pre-Health Club and Girl Up; this inspired her to create the H.E.R Club.  


To start this club DaNae contacted Ms.Clark to see if this was a good club to have at St. John’s. Once COVID-19 was rising and everyone was at home, she had a lot of time to think about goals and issues that she wanted the club to discuss. “I had more time to perfect the plan for this club,” Harrison said.


DaNae found it important to start this club because she knows that the transition from middle school to high school can be a huge change for young girls and she wants to create a safe and open space for girls to talk about subjects that aren’t usually discussed. “I want to discuss things like normalizing periods and relationships in high school. Everyone needs to become more comfortable with talking about women’s issues”, Harrison said. Harrison feels as though it is important for girls to have a voice at St.John’s. 


Harrison has several ideas to make the H.E.R. club an inclusive environment. She wants to have a big sister-little sister program where the upperclassmen mentor the sophomores and incoming freshmen. Harrison hopes to host a forum every month where girls can talk openly about anything. She would also like guest speakers to come in from all backgrounds and career fields to talk about their experiences as a woman in their field. Some fun activities she would also like to include are the girls learning how to do hair, makeup, nails, and anything else they want to learn. 


If you are interested in joining the H.E.R. Club, please email DaNae Harrison at dharrison22@stjohnschs.org or Ms.Koroma at fkoroma@stjohnschs.org.


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