Fall Activities during the pandemic

With the DMV area still stuck in phase 2 of reopening and the ongoing pandemic showing little sign of decrease, it can be easy to feel like there are little options for an escape from the house and daily responsibilities. The benefit of fall bringing chillier weather and prettier foliage is a new bucket list of outdoor activities that won’t leave you sweating or force you into a big crowd of people. Here are a couple ideas for some low risk, outdoorsy plans that will keep family or friends entertained for an afternoon:

Pumpkin patch/pumpkin carving: Pumpkin themed activities are always a fall favorite and give you a variety of options. Going to a pumpkin patch is outdoors and fun, and is a good way to briefly get out of the house without a big risk. After grabbing your choice pumpkins, you also get the optional activity of carving them, which makes the whole experience more festive and is a fun distraction from other responsibilities. 

Apple/Strawberry picking: Just like going to a pumpkin patch, Apple picking has been a fall tradition forever. As long as the weather is nice, the experience of Apple picking is guaranteed to be fun, even if it’s forced just to make the long drive out to the nearest orchard worth it. Something about picking the apples yourself also guarantees a better taste. If Apple picking is too mainstream, strawberry picking is another way to have some fun choosing your own fruit.

Drive in movie: Drive in movies are an older nighttime activity that the pandemic has brought back into popularity. D.C. in particular has reinstated drive in movie venues by the Wharf, where people can stay in the comfort of their car but still get a change of scenery and 

Kayaking: If you’re someone who likes water and some physical exertion, going kayaking or even paddle boarding on your own or with a friend is a reliable option. The Georgetown waterfront offers a variety of water activities on the Potomac, and their website makes registering and renting materials relatively easy. There’s even parking right by the docks.

Making s’mores: If heavy activity is too stressful or tiring, setting up a campfire and making s’mores is a low stress and low preparation plan that makes for a good dessert. You can sit and enjoy company without worrying about traveling or spending large amounts of money.

Camping/hiking: Lastly, the DMV area boasts lots of parks and campgrounds to choose from for a simple afternoon hike to see some nice views and enjoy being outside. If you’re invested, you can plan a camping night and make a night out of being outdoors. Spending a night outdoors is a good way to create a new appreciation for the comfort of your own house after many months of being inside.

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