Fifteen SJC students inducted into the National Latin Honor Society

On October 28th, 15 St. John’s students were officially inducted into the National Latin Honor Society. The evening ceremony took place over Zoom. To be considered, students must have maintained an A-average throughout their three years in Latin at St. John’s. All students are registered members of the Junior Classical League on both the state and national level.

The evening featured a presentation of the candidates followed by guest speakers. As with tradition, students prayed the Our Father in Latin (the Pater Noster). Then they recited a pledge to continue their learning of Ancient Roman culture and language and aid younger students in their study of Latin.

Ms. Gelso gave an insightful and lighthearted keynote address. She shared how her time in Latin class as a high school student led her to study abroad in Italy in college. Her talk was laced with humorous stories of her time as an American trying to assimilate to life in a foreign country. This included asking a woman at the grocery store check-out if she was “fit” instead of “in line.”

Señora Nahas, foreign language department chair, and Principal Themistos congratulated students on their success and thanked Ms. Murphy for the work she has put into the Latin program. Mr. Themistos even reported live from the Colosseum (sort of).

Students received their purple and gold ropes to be worn at graduation and their certificate from the National Junior Classical League. Each year, students in all of the three languages participate in a ceremony to honor their achievements and receive their ropes. This year, ceremonies are taking place virtually.

The candidates include:

Nayantara Anders, Class of ’21 

Olivia Baptiste, Class of ’22

Orla Collins, Class of ’21 

Bobbie Cowan, Class of ’21 

Dominic DiCocco, Class of ’21

Aaron Flynn , Class of ’21

Quinn Gardiner, Class of ’21

Mary Hayes, Class of ’21 

Pandelis Margaronis, Class of ’21 

Bailey Middleton, Class of ’21

Angelica Phan, Class of ’22 

Brian Schneider, Class of ’22 

Nicholas Telma, Class of ’21 

Donald Tyler, Class of ’21

Timothy Wilson, Class of ’21

A recording of the ceremony can be found here:

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