Giving back during the holiday season

Did Thanksgiving remind you of all you have to be thankful for? Hopefully, it’s also inspired you to want to give back to the community. The Sabre staff has compiled some ways students can give thanks back through volunteering.

DC Central Kitchen

DC Central Kitchen (DCCK) is an organization that offers culinary training to those in need of employment. DCCK creates not just job training, but actual living wage jobs as well. They have been serving the community since 1989 when the foundation was created by Chef Robert Egger. Since their founding DCCK has been providing meals to schools and churches in low-income areas. You can volunteer or donate at their website at .

Writing Cards for People in Nursing Homes/ Hospitals

Being in a hospital or nursing home around this time of year can get very lonely, especially with the threat of coronavirus steering away any potential visitors. This makes it especially important to send extra positivity to those people! Make your letter colorful, fun, and write a sweet note. Check your local hospital/nursing home’s website for information on how to send these cards.

Greg Gannon food Drive

The Greg Gannon Food Drive takes place following Thanksgiving. Every year, the food drive serves the greater DC area and food is collected from the neighborhoods surrounding local parishes. Last year, the drive collected 2 MILLION cans!

Shepard’s Table

People struggling to get food in this climate need people to help them feed their families, and soup kitchens allow for people to help serve food to people who may not have the money to serve themselves right now. Shepard’s Table is a soup kitchen that provides food that allows people to volunteer as well as making donations. They have a wish list that gives people ideas on what they should donate and ranges from milk and eggs to silverware and plates. A link is listed that shows the priority of each on Amazon.. They currently aren’t accepting clothes donations due to COVID-19. This is a great way to help without having to do anything crazy, just serving food and donating what you can. 

Volunteering at St. Jude’s food pantry drive 

Many families are struggling with providing food/ meals for their families, after losing their jobs. St. Jude’s food pantry allows families to receive donated meals to take to their families. Every week, families donate cans and prepared meals to give to those in need. Volunteers and family members help sort food and place them into bags, and set them outside on tables. 

Mission of Love Charities


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