2021 Fashion Outlook

Not even a pandemic can stop changing fashion trends each year. Before and throughout quarantine, there has been a revival of a lot of ’90s and early 2000s pieces, along with a couple of new styles being combined with the old. Here are just a couple of currently popular fashion statements:

Denim Styles: Even though skinny jeans are what carried me through middle school, they are almost officially out of style. They have been quickly replaced by a new era of looser and commonly high rise jeans. Even more recently, the early 2000s low rise jeans have made a reappearance, even though they’re definitely a bolder choice.

Hair bandanas: Wearing bandanas as a cute hair accessory or headband substitute has become a more common accessory that works well with many different outfits. Whether it’s a simple cotton bandana or a silky and colorful one, many companies can now be seen sporting this accessory on their websites.

Hairstyles: Jennifer Aniston’s early hairstyles from Friends are definitely growing in popularity. The curtain bangs and layers combination is being recognized for its volume and wave adding effect. I am in full support of this trend as someone whose hair is much more manageable in layers, but this haircut can appear deceivingly good on celebrities. If your hair is naturally straight or thin, or extremely curly, the layers will take more maintenance to achieve the straight out of the salon look.

Puffy Coats: Puffy coats have recently been transformed from a cumbersome winter coat to a layerable fashion statement. People have been able to take what I always considered an uncomfortable and bulky coat and were able to make it stylish through layering and simple outfits. 

Animal Print: Cheetah print, cow print, and snakeskin print are all being sold in most fast fashion stores right now. Snakeskin print especially is increasingly being seen on belts and bodycon clothes meant for parties. Animal print is definitely one of the boldest patterns that are coming back into style.

Doc Martens: Doc Martens have always been a large statement shoe. The brand was originally popular in the 90s because of their grunge look, but has now come back full swing and is being paired with a more diverse range of looks. This could partially be because their shoe variety is larger than ever, with holographic white shoes being newer additions. Doc Martens even have their own sandals now.

Pleated skirts: Tennis skirts and pleated skirts in general have become very popular as an almost schoolgirl type style is becoming trendy. They’re being paired with argyle sweaters, collared shirts, layered jewelry, and chunky shoes to combine preppy and street style.

Argyle sweaters: This classic sweater pattern has come back and has frequently been paired with the pleated skirts that are also returning. The diamond pattern, instead of being on a typical winter sweater, is now being put onto cropped sweaters and sweater vests to accommodate a more trendy and fitted look. 

Corduroy: Corduroy is becoming a popular alternative fabric to denim, for both tops and bottoms. Corduroy pants have always been comfortable and warm, but they can also be paired with a lot of different clothing if worn in nude colors. Corduroy jackets are also becoming increasingly popular.

Cargo Pants: Cargo pants have been a trend for a while now, and have surprisingly become more mainstream. They’re a part of the baggy pants wave that is happening, and coincide with an increase in skater style clothing on both men and women.

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