Reminder: School procedures during COVID-19

In the past, the years at St. John’s College High School were generally the same, but this year a lot has changed with the COVID-19 Pandemic in he United States. Throughout the summer and through the beginning of the school year, while the students were all virtual, the St. John’s administration had spent a great amount of time preparing the campus so that when it was safe to return, the students, teachers, and other workers, could return safely and be able to work without the constant worry of contracting the virus.

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That time has now arrived, and many students and teachers have returned for the second attempt at hybrid learning, where many changes have been put in place.

In the hallways, many stickers have been placed onto the floor to keep everyone socially distanced while traveling between classes.

Stairwells have changed to one-way stairs so the students are not walking close to one another as they head to their next classes.

In the classrooms, the desks have been separated six-feet apart and wipes have been added so students can clean their desks when class has finished.

Additionally, SJC has installed hand sanitizers throughout the hallways and put up posters reminding students about the safety precautions they should be taking.

This year, lunch feels completely different because of the changes that were made inside Cassidy Commons. Every table now has plexiglass so that when masks are off while eating everyone stays safe. Talking to friends is extremely hard through the plexiglass because sound does not flow through it well, but St. John’s has given the students another option to eat outside on Quinn Field, where there is no plexiglass and everyone is still safely at a distance.

The school has also put up new reminders for students to complete their Magnus Health Surveys at entrances into schools and outside classrooms.

The administration said it is trying its best and hopes to provide students to have the opportunity to learn on campus and make their high school years memorable.

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