SJC senior shares love for cooking through Instagram

St. John’s is home to a number of students who are incredibly gifted academically, athletically, and artistically. One student in particular has shared her devotion to the culinary arts through her popular food page on Instagram @sliceofsophie.

Sophia Warren ‘21 immersed herself in cooking two years ago and has documented her journey on her Instagram. She loves sharing her food with her family and trying different foods from all around the world. After she graduates, Warren hopes to follow her passion for food as a career and go into the field of restaurant hospitality.

Warren, like many cooks, looks up to her grandmother as an idol in the kitchen, due to her dedication to Indian style cooking. Recently, however, she was given a copy of the cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat as a gift and has taken lots of inspiration from the book’s author Samin Nosrat, who starred in a Netflix documentary adaptation of the same cookbook. “It’s very different from most cookbooks,” Warren said, “As it still offers recipes, it goes into the details of what the elements of cooking do to your dish.”while initially introduced to cooking through Indian cuisine, Warren explores a variety of cuisines, “That’s the fun thing about cooking. There’s so many different flavors and cultures within it.”

With quarantine closing down and limiting access to restaurants across the country people have been forced to experiment in their kitchens. Sophia is no exception. While to some, cooking is a tedious chore, to her it has created an opportunity to hone her skills in the kitchen. Along with experimenting with new recipes she has also been perfecting her pre-existing recipes like her family’s secret wok pasta dish.  

If you’re a fan of good food and wish to try some new recipes you should check Sophia’s page @sliceofsophie on Instagram.

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