Five Christmas cookie recipes to try

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Although this year has been quite a ride, we’ve finally made it to the holiday season. One of the best parts of the holidays are all the sweet goodies we make with family. Here are 5 Christmas themed desserts to get you in the Christmas spirit! 

This first treat is called “Christmas Truffles”. They are a no bake treat only needing 8 ingredients and they take about 30 minutes to make! 

Link: Christmas Truffles recipe

Theses bite sized treats are called “ Christmas Sprinkle Cookie Cups”. This recipe serves four dozen and only takes about 25 minutes. 

Link: Christmas Sprinkle Cookie Cups

These chocolate desserts are “Hot Chocolate Cookies” which happen to be vegan friendly and they’ll be ready in under 30 minutes!  

Link: Hot Chocolate Cookies

This is a delicious Christmas sugar cookie bar. This recipe requires a little more ingredients than the rest because it has the cookie recipe and frosting recipe, but the outcome will absolutely be worth it. This recipe serves nine and in total takes about 40 minutes. 

Link: Christmas Sugar Cookie Bar recipe

 This last dessert is Peppermint Crunch and White Chocolate Graham CrackerThis is a no bake treat that only takes about 10 minutes! 

Link: Peppermint Crunch and White Chocolate Graham Cracker recipe

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