Looking Back at 2020: The New Movies of 2020

Despite the halt in most parts of normal life during this past year, a fair amount of movies were still released throughout 2020. While I have not personally been able to watch each of these movies given closed theaters, these movies have all received good reviews from those who have seen them:

Soul: This new Disney movie is surprisingly creative and insightful. The plot follows a young music teacher who dies and tries to make it back to the realm of the living, only to discover that he was not truly appreciating his life before he died. All this happens with the help of 22, a young soul that has yet to experience life and discover what makes life so valuable. Despite this movie being on the longer side, the story is easy to become engaged in and the animation and concept are captivatingly unique. 

I’m Thinking of Ending Things: This movie is the most confusing and psychological one on the list. Watching this movie feels like being trapped in a continuously changing dream, where everything that happens is connected but you cannot figure out how. The movie follows the story of Jake, who takes his girlfriend to visit his parents in their farm house. However, we are not certain of the girlfriend’s name and the parents act rather strange. The movie is also cut with scenes of a janitor working at a school. Upon investigating after watching the movie, I discovered that Jake and the Janitor are supposedly the same, and his girlfriend and parents are figments of his imagination. This movie definitely warrants several watches.

Tenet: This new Christopher Nolan movie will make you question your understanding of all time travel movies. This movie procures the concept of inverted time and materials, stuck in a dimension where things move in reverse time. The main character has to stop this power hungry antagonist from collecting and assembling artefacts that will allow him to disrupt the order of space and time. The concept will keep you engaged for the entire movie, which is good because if you stop in the middle you run the risk of confusing yourself even more. While I enjoyed the movie, it was just beyond my line of comprehension in terms of space and time.

Mulan: The live action movie that came out in 2020 tells the already known tale of Mulan with real actors and sets. The movie also alters some of the original story and cuts out Mushu the dragon from the live action version. While I have to say that nothing will compare to the original Mulan, this version was an interesting twist to the original story and is still worth a watch.

The Trial of the Chicago 7: This historical movie covers the trial of 7 men being charged with inciting a riot to further their anti vietnam war agenda. The movie covers the course of the trial and the bias of the judge deciding their fate. The movie concludes with the powerful final statements of the defendants. While I am not normally one for history movies, the dynamic between the defendants and the judge and the overall passion of the movie kept me interested and I really enjoyed the movie overall.

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