COVID-19 forces clubs to think ‘outside the box’

Covid has impacted SJC as a whole, including our clubs. The Entrepreneurial Club has taken advantage of the pandemic and has seen an opportunity to problem solve and think outside the box. 

In October students participated in a virtual hackathon. A hackathon is an opportunity for students to work together to come up with creative solutions to some of the major challenges facing our world today as a result of COVID” according to Ms. Kowalewski, moderator of the club.

Elizabeth Clarke ’21 and her group Christian Swope ’22, and Aidan Kearns ’22, participated in the hackathon and presented the idea of a wearable band for younger kids, that could track if the students were being socially distant, and where they contracted the virus from. Because this product is targeted to younger kids, they set up a reward system through points if the kids remained separated.

In addition to the hackathon, the Entrepreneurial Club hosts weekly meetings that focus on different elements of entrepreneurship and are working on how we as students can utilize the skills we are learning to create plausible solutions to the problems we face according to Clarke.. The Entrepreneurial club has still participated in activities and continued to meet despite the challenges of Covid.

Unfortunately, Covid has also halted clubs from meeting or practicing totally, such as Ski Club, the Athletic Training club, and many others. 

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