Cadet Corps marches on

Every year, Saint John’s College High School and Gonzaga High School football face off for the most highly anticipated sporting event of the year in the WCAC. Students from both sides dress up to support their teams and carry on the rivalry with loud chants. Just like so many other events in 2020, this exciting tradition was canceled. 

One major part of this yearly match up is SJC’s Cadet Corp March On. Before the game our Cadets perform their routine for the crowd which is followed by roaring of support from the Saint John’s student section. This presentation is practiced multiple times a week for the months leading up to the game. Executive Officer Colin Kavanagh ‘21, described the event as “the most important [regimental event] because it gives us a chance to unite as a Corps in front of hundreds of spectators.” Kavanagh also explains how this view is one that many Cadets hold because of their “pride in being in the program.” 

Although this long lasting tradition will not be occurring this year, the Cadet Corp is still going strong. Weekly Zoom meetings during Wednesday’s club and activities days have allowed our Cadets to stay in close contact. According to Battalion Commander Erik Carvajal ‘21, these zooms provide ways to unite the Corp community by “drafting ideas of how to build closer relationships with underclassmen.” As one out of the three battalion leaders, Carvajal is able to meet with every member of the JROTC program through the weekly rotations of these groups.

It is clear that the Gonzaga March On means a lot to every member of our school’s cadet program including the Director of the Cadet Corp, Mark Erwin, who says he “looks forward…to next fall when we play Gonzaga.”  Adapting to this new way of life is difficult for everyone but just like the rest of our SJC sports and activities, the Saint John’s College High School Cadet Corp is doing as much as they can to continue to grow together as a united family.

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