Q&A with the SJC Athletics Director on the return of sports

The St. John’s athletics director Dennis Hart took the time to answer questions about Saint John’s return to sports.

Q: How will spectators be handled?

A: At this time we will not be hosting competitions on campus. At some point this spring we hope to host competitions and would structure game day experiences for spectators based on DC protocols.

Q: In the event of a COVID outbreak, what would the procedures be?

A: If a team has a positive Covid case we would follow DC tracing procedures and the team would likely be shut down for 10 days and be required to get a negative Covid test to return. 

Q: What procedures do they have on a standard game day?

A: Game day procedures can vary a bit depending on which campus is hosting and what their local Covid rules are at that time. We have our student athletes complete the Covid screening check in daily and provide the roster to our host stating that all athletes checked in. Athletes must follow DC travel guidelines and masks are required at every site.  

Q: How are the athletes socially distancing, especially during games where they aren’t wearing masks?

A: Some sports are wearing masks for competition depending on where the game is located. Additionally all athletes and coaches must be masked when not competing

Q: Why was the return to sports important? What changes were made by DC to allow it to happen?

A: As of March 15 Mayor Bowser lifted restrictions on high school sports in the district. The mayor’s office along with DCSAA put guidelines in place for high school sports to resume in the district and we are using those to guide what we do on campus. Our students have missed the competition and camaraderie so much as well as the physical and mental benefits of team athletic activities. Our students deserve to be out here competing with their classmates and friends.

Q: What are the protocols here in DC compared to Montgomery County’s protocol?

A: Protocols are changing almost weekly in some locations and we are headed in the right direction. The basic rules remain the same: masks, social distancing, washing hands, staying home if you are sick, limiting non-essential travel.

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