SJC welcomes back Ms. Schmucker

Ms. Schmucker, a 2017 graduate of St. John’s, is the new sophomore chemistry teacher at St. John’s. 

Ms. Shumcker recently graduated from the University of Louisville and is excited to return to her alma mater to teach. “It’s wonderful! It’s been really fun getting to work with some of my previous teachers and experience SJC from the instructor side,” Schmucker said on her return to SJC. She has also been able to use her past experience at SJC to her benefit. Since she graduated not too long ago, she already knows the layout, general functions, and expectations of SJC

Ms. Shumcker said her goals are to teach chemistry in a way that is uncomplicated, fun and interesting while building relationships with students and teachers and contributing to the SJC community in any way that she can.

If Mrs. Schmucker was not teaching at St. John’s she would likely be pursuing her other passions in environmental protection, sustainability, and health policy. However after enjoying her experience as a TA at the University of Louisville, and helping others understand complex topics in an easily understood fashion she set her sights on being a teacher.

Over the pandemic Mrs. Schmucker has moved back to DC and has enjoyed spending time with her family. She has also been partaking in her preferred pastime of cooking her favorite comfort foods. While she was not a member of any clubs during her enrollment at St. John’s, she would be ready and eager to supervise one. 

Ms. Schumcker also gave advice to her students, “If you are enjoying a class, ask your teachers about career paths in that field, or what it would look like to take more classes on that subject in college.”

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