SJC sports adapt to shortened seasons

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented struggles for players participating across all St. John’s sports teams. Of these team members is SJC’s varsity boys soccer’s Hamilton College commit, Pandelis Margaronis ‘21 and SJC Varsity Girls Tennis participant Bobbie Cowan ‘21.


There have been many changes for sports during the pandemic but Margaronis says less practices a week were the most significant. He and his teammates also understood the strict protocol had to be followed in order to keep everyone safe. 


“It was unfortunate that we could not have a normal season during my senior season as we were looking forward to building off of previous years,” said the center midfielder, “but the team was “willing to do whatever [they] could in order to have the opportunity to play this spring.”


Cowan also had the same outlook on her shortened season. Even though the team was practicing significantly less (from five days a week to about one), she said the guidelines are good because they keep people safe and allow us to have a season.


Members across the SJC sports community have shown they are \willing to do whatever it takes to play the sport they love.

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