SJC students start to get vaccinated

Ever since COVID-19 hit last year, scientists have been trying to create a vaccine against deadly a virus. After a year of waiting, the United States has started vaccinating its citizens, with three types of vaccines; BioNTech, Pfizer vaccine, Moderna NIAID vaccine, and The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Johnson & Johnson is the only vaccine that requires one shot while Moderna and Pfizer require two. Front-line workers were the first to be vaccinated, and now vaccinations are open to the public age sixteen and over. There’s a pending authorization for kids 12-15 to be able to receive the vaccine.   

While many people are hesitant about getting their vaccine, others are ready to get their vaccine and encourage others to do so as the quicker the United States and the world achieves herd immunity, the quicker life can return to normal. 

Since students at St. John’s have started receiving their vaccines, there’s an interest in how and where they received it, symptoms, and why they chose to get the vaccine.

Nallie Gallagher ’23 received her first COVID vaccine at Walgreens on Silver Hill Rd in District Heights, Maryland. She had only received one shot but had her second the following week. She also experienced many symptoms such as fever, chills, nausea, a sore arm, and a terrible headache. She strongly encourages others to get the vaccine, so St. John’s can return back to normal.

Liam Erikson ’23 received his first vaccine Friday, April 9, and received his second dose on April 30, 2021. He only had one symptom, a sore arm. He suggests others get the vaccine as well so the pandemic can end quicker.

Everyone who is 16 and older is eligible to receive the vaccine, and can sign up by going on the Maryland Website and Virginia Website as well. 

The Maryland Website:

The Virginia Website:


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