SJC students use love of baking to make dough

While the pandemic has been detrimental to businesses big and small across the nation, these two SJC students have been thriving. Alli Bowman ‘22 and Olivia Dufour ‘23 both have small businesses specializing in baked goods. 

Both Bowman and DuFour started homebaking quite early in their lives, with DuFour in the third grade and Bowman at the young age of four. The two each owe their interests to their mothers. “I started baking at first because I liked being around my mom,” DuFour said, “and then as I got older baking started to be a creative outlet and it was delicious.”

While they both plan to attend culinary school after they receive their college diplomas, a major difference between the two bakers is their respective plans for their adult careers. DuFour plans to keep baking a major aspect of her life, but Bowman had this to say about her future, “I do not plan on baking professionally because I want to keep this hobby of mine fun. I am nervous about baking professionally because it can get stressful and I could lose the joy and relaxation I get from baking.”

Beaux’s Bakes and Dufour Desserts were both started during and because of the quarantine and they have been thriving ever since. During the holiday seasons the two rake in a whopping $800, and anywhere from $300 to $400 in the remaining months. Although the money is nothing to sneeze at, they have received more than monetary success. With their products heavily in demand Alli and Livvi have had to learn marketing, budgeting, communication, and time management skills that have been useful in their everyday lives.

If this article has piqued your interest in creating your own small business the two entrepreneurs have some advice to give. “Start small,” Bowmain heeds, “ You should test run your products and how much time your business will take you. This will reduce stress and major changes you have to make in the future. You do not have to have a huge marketing plan or be making hundreds of dollars. You just need a group of loyal customers that will spread the word.”

Go for it, though it may be scary, the experience you gain from running and operating a business will forever stick with you,” DuFour said.

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