Teacher Profile: Meet the new senior counselor

SJC welcomes new senior counselor, Mrs. Robin Walters, who is also aiding with freshman counseling. She is originally from Prince George’s County but has moved around to big cities such as New York City and Jersey City.

Although she is new to SJC, she is entering her fifth year as a school counselor. Mrs. Walters has previously worked with social services and with this experience, she has interacted with children and teens and understands the mental and social struggles they may go through.

Mrs. Walters said, “I am bringing to the table a normalization of situations that don’t feel so normal.” She prides herself on always being available, patient, and empathetic. Having previously worked as a counselor, she understands how often students feel unheard and closed off. With her help, students can find a safe space to speak about issues regarding school, social life, and the pandemic, in the hopes of confirming with students that they are not alone. She said, “A counselor always has to be mindful that they are creating a space that is focused on the student.”

Not only is Mrs. Walters the senior counselor, she is also counseling  freshmen and working with overt crisis management for all grades. When asked how she will face the challenges of helping seniors who are ready to leave while also welcoming freshmen get settled into the school, she said that it’s important to understand that they are at very different levels of development. Her main solution is to really listen to what people are presenting and move forward from there.

She feels that she can relate to the freshman and senior class because of her new job. Just like the freshman, Mrs. Walters is new to the school. She understands what it is like to be the ‘new kid on the block’ and like the freshman, she is learning how to adapt to a new environment. She can relate to the senior class because she knows what it’s like to leave a place that she’s comfortable with for a place that is different. Mrs. Walters can apply her knowledge of switching jobs to the lives of both freshman and senior classes and aid them throughout the year.

Mrs. Walters describes herself as an avid book nerd. She enjoys romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller books. She also loves nature and walks in parks. Her love for the environment was a huge factor in her moving from New Jersey to Maryland. She is interested in chaperoning clubs that are involved in theater or are identity based.

Mrs. Walters is incredibly grateful and excited to get to know both the freshman and senior class. She cannot wait to guide them throughout this year.

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