Booster Club ramping up with fall sports

After a long school year of limited school activities at SJC, all students are finally back on campus and sports games/events have resumed. Because of this, the SJC Booster Club has plenty of activities and events planned for this school year. Thaddeus Felten ‘ who is a spokesperson for the club, answered some questions about how the boosters will impact athletic events.

Regarding capacity restrictions for indoor games like basketball, hockey, and volleyball, Thaddeus explained that “it’s going to depend on how the covid situation changes throughout the school year.” While there is still some uncertainty with COVID restrictions, upcoming sports games will have themes. In the homecoming football game against Good Counsel on Saturday, October 30th, “the theme will be all black.” Even though there is a theme chosen already, the club is “still making plans for it.”

Another upcoming athletic event that the boosters are brainstorming for is the St. John’s vs. Gonzaga 100th anniversary football game. In order for the Booster Club to execute their ideas, they have been communicating with SGA and the administration. Although the club has not yet finalized plans for the St. John’s vs. Gonzaga game, they still look forward to it.

One of their main goals for this year is to “get fans to go to under-appreciated sports games.” They are trying to “get a bunch of students to go to at least one game for every team.” Even though there is still a lot of uncertainty about how this school year will play out, the boosters will continue to plan some more enjoyable activities in order to bring the SJC community together.

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