Field Hockey readies for championship run

Sports have been a long-awaited activity for the SJC community, Covid has taken its toll, but now that fall sports are starting, athletes have been preparing for their seasons. Many athletes have not been able to play sports for the past year for the SJC team, athletes who don’t play for a different team, practice on their own time; for example the Field Hockey Team. Many of the players, who are now returning to play once again have noticed a change in protocols that have now been enforced. Fortunately, the COVID-19 vaccine has allowed us to have school sports, less strict than last year, but still with enforced rules.  Currently COVID protocols include: social distancing, quarantining, masks, and more. The Field Hockey team is currently 5-0 and their current success is due in part to how they trained this summer.

Many athletes were excited for the season ahead of them due to the knowledge that this year will provide them a chance to be able to play for their teams without the protocols being as strict as last year.  Two Juniors:  Mary Catherines (MC) Hazleton ‘23 and Josie Burke ‘23 were interviewed and asked how they prepared for an upcoming season. They were also asked, what’s different this year from the previous two years?

Hazleton ‘23 said that she had been preparing for the upcoming season by going on runs and working out constantly in her home gym, while Burke worked out in the weight room during this summer. 

Another question that was asked included how it is like to  play with COVID restrictions, without having physical contact? Hazleton said it was strange, due to the fact that those playing were told to wear masks, which were very difficult to play with. Burke said, “Everything is practically the same, the only difference is we are not able to shake hands with the opposing team at the end of the game.”  

Despite the restrictions, the Field Hockey team has leaned on its camaraderie as they continue to pile up victories.. Hazleton said that she and her teammates stay connected with a group chat, in which they are able to send messages back and forth. She also added that everyone is able to have fun even with distance. 

This undefeated team is an example that, even with a year without practices or games; they are back and ready to win. The Field Hockey winning streak is advancing, and they are not hoping to lose it this year.

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