This past weekend, theatre performed their long-awaited fall play, Clue. This was Ms. Whitney Geoghan’s first fall performance after arriving at SJC in the spring of 2021.

I went to the premiere on Thursday, and I was extremely impressed. The costumes were perfectly designed for each character, the humor was well timed, and any audience member could tell you that all of the actors had really embraced their individual characters. 

The play had suspense and humor. A particularly suspenseful moment was at the end of the play, when a character who had supposedly been the murderer would admit their guilt, only for the entire scene to “rewind”, where a different character would do the same, and it was a guessing game to see whodunnit.

If you came to the performance having already watched the 1985 film version of Clue, and were expecting a different outcome, you may have been disappointed. With that being said, the entire experience was extremely enjoyable. The Men of Saint John’s, as always, were excellent hosts, making sure everything ran smoothly.

My personal favorite actor was Tyler Petersen ‘23, who played the butler Wadsworth. He did a great job trying to replicate Tim Curry’s original movie performance, and received the loudest ovation at the end of the play.

It’s no longer possible to see another performance, but if it was I would highly recommend anyone to go see it. I would give the play 5 stars strictly because of how put together the show was, and the fact that there never seemed to be a dull moment throughout the play’s entirety.

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