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At this point everyone has either heard of or played Wordle, the word guessing game that has swept the nation. It was developed in October 2021 by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software designer from South Wales. It gained a lot of popularity in the past few months and there are now dozens of spin-off games on the internet. Here is a ranking of my favorite Wordle spinoffs. My ratings are solely based on my own opinions and enjoyment.

1) Quordle
This spinoff is one of the most fun in my opinion. This game has you guessing four words at once with nine guesses overall. While there are other similar games such as Dordle (two words at once ) and Octordle (eight words at once), I think that four words strikes the perfect balance of challenging and achievable. 10/10

2) Nerdle
This game shocked me with how fun it was. In this spin off you have to guess an equation in six guesses. My first impression was that this would be impossible, but after a couple tries you really get the hang of it. 9/10

3) Squarewordle
This mashup of a crossword and a wordle is really cute and a great introduction to crosswords if you have wanted to start but don’t know how. Recommendable. 8/10

4) Semantle
This one is worth playing just for the challenge alone. In this game you have unlimited guesses to guess the secret word. This word can be of any length, or part of speech. Once you have guessed your word will be given a ranking based on how semantically similar it is to the secret word (used in the same context, synonym etc.) To be completely honest, I have never actually gotten the secret word, but I still try every day. 7/10

5) Moistle
This one just has you guessing words that people find gross or uncomfortable. It’s really silly and a lot of fun, even if it does make you shudder a bit. 6.5/10

6) Worldle
This spinoff has you guessing countries from their outline. Once you guess the game it gives you how many miles away from it you were in your guess. I find this one an okay spinoff. If you’re like me, it will really illuminate how few countries in Central Europe that you know but it does have its merits. Lost an entire point because of how hard it is to say. 6/10

7) Foodle
The next few spinoffs are kind of middle of the road. If you are interested in the topic that it centers on, you might enjoy it. If not, it’s a skip. This food themed one is just ok. 6/10

8) Byrdle
It’s a choir wordle! Someone tell Mrs. Fernandez. 6/10

9) Wordawazzle
It’s an Australian wordle. What’s not to love. Bit tricky though. Gets an extra point for the fun name. 6/10

10) Taylordle

It’s a Taylor Swift wordle. Absolutely love the concept, execution is somewhat middling. I have similar critiques for Lordle of the Rings (excellent name), Hogwartle, and Star Wordle. They all are rated 5/10

11) Foreign Language Wordles
There are several foreign language wordles (German, Spanish, French). These are pretty middle of the road as far as spinoffs go. In theory, it should help you learn new foreign language words but I find that at least in the French one, there is often a lack of variety. 5/10

12) Passwordle
For all of you future computer hackers out there, you might enjoy this password guessing game. I would give it a pass though. 4/10

13) Bardle
If you like Shakespeare, this themed Wordle could be fun for you. For me, it’s a miss. 3/10

14) Airportle
The purpose of this one is relatively simple: guess the airport three letter code. I do not know who would actually want to do that, but you know, you do you. 2/10

15) Subwaydle
Guess a subway route? This one’s existence is perplexing. I hated it. 1/10

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