Student Spotlight: Tony Romero ’23 releases new song

Tony Romero, an up and coming artist, gave us the inside scoop on producing his songs. Recently releasing ‘Grapevine’, the St. John’s students showered him in verbal support as well as promoting the song on social media.

He said the hardest part of the whole process was the preparation for the song such as writing lyrics. His process for writing lyrics consists of playing the beat continuously and seeing what sticks. After that, everything went smoothly and pieced together.

Tony said he makes music for himself and if he likes the song then that’s all that matters. With streams locally and internationally, including: Canada, Philippines, Australia, Sweden, and many more, he feels blessed with the support and excited to continue making music. A lot more music is on the way, including a song being released by the end of spring, and a future album that is in the works.

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