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This Monday, September 12, is the 2022 Emmys ceremony. Below are my predictions on who will  take home wins in the major categories, based on my internet research and personal opinions.  

Best Drama Series  

This category really comes down to two choices: Squid Game and Sucession. Sucession is one of  the biggest shows on television this year and has the advantage of a previous win in this category.  Although Squid Game was massively popular and an intriguing look on classism and capitalism, it  may not be as fresh in the voter’s minds. 

Final Prediction: Sucession  

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series  

Everyone in this category gave a very strong performance this year. In this close race, the top three  performers are most likely Jeremy Strong (Sucession), Brian Cox (Sucession), and Lee Jung-Jae  (Squid Game). Sucession is the most nominated show this year with 25 nominations which could  give the momentum for a win. However, with the vote being split between Cox and Strong, Lee  Jung-Jae has the opportunity to be awarded for his stellar performance in the Netflix hit. Final Prediction: Lee Jung-Jae 

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series  

Three of this category’s nominees came as a large surprise. Reece Witherspoon’s performance in  The Morning Show had not received much buzz, and the final season of Jodie Comer and Sandra  Oh’s show Killing Eve was not received well, so we can expect no wins for any of them. Last year’s  winner Zendaya is nominated again and could very well win again for her heartbreaking  performance in Euphoria (the Emmys love to repeat themselves). However, Melanie Lynskey’s  underated performance in the sleeper hit Yellowjackets could result in a surprise win. Final Prediction: Zendaya 

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series  

This category is a lot more of a tossup. However, three of the eight nominees are from Sucession,  and our winner will most likely be found there. It is going to come down to either Kieran Culkin or  Matthew Macfadyen. Both gave strong performances in Sucession this year and neither has won  

before. The dark horse of the race is Billy Crudup, who won for his Morning Show role in 2020. His  enigmatic performance as a power hungry TV executive could be capable of standing up to they  Roy dynasty. 

Final Prediction: Kieran Culkin 

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series  

All eight women gave compelling, layered, performances this year, but if precedent holds, Julia  Garner will win for the third time for her performance as Ruth in Ozark. However, Sydney Sweeney’s  much talked about hysterical performance as Cassie in Eulhoria could pull out a surprise win. Final Prediction: Julia Garner 

Best Comedy Series  

This category is packed with incredible shows and a case could be made for either Barry, Ted  Lasso, Hacks, Only Murders in the Building, or Abbot Elementary to take home the trophy. Although  Ted Lasso last year and continues to be well loved by voters it is the breakout comedy Abbot  Elementary that is going to be the one to beat. 

Final Prediction: Abbot Elementary 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series  

This category is tricky to predict, as it contains several former winners as well as respected comedy  legends. Martin Short and Steve Martin were absolutely charming together in Only Murders in the  Building, but the vote might be split between them. This would make room for either the 2021  winner Jason Sudeikis or the 2019 winner Bill Hader. When it comes down to it, my money is on  Hader for his critically acclaimed performance as Barry 

Final Prediction: Bill Hader 

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series  

This category has been narrowed down to either Jean Smart (Hacks) or Quinta Brunson (Abbot  Elementary). While I would like to see Brunson take home the award for her breakout role, it is most  likely going to Smart (the Emmys love a repeat winner). 

Final Prediction: Jean Smart 

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series  

This award is almost certainly going to Henry Winkler for his work on Barry. There is a possibility of  Brett Goldstein riding the Ted Lasso love to a win, but it is unlikely. 

Final Prediction: Henry Winkler 

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series  

Janelle James is going to win this award. And she should. No notes. 

Final Prediction: Janelle James 

Limited or Anthology Series  

Although Dopesick was an early favorite for its powerful story and performances, the overwhelming  popularity of The White Lotus has dethroned it as a front runner. Either could pull out a win and  would deserve it. 

Final Prediction: Dopesick  

Outstanding Actor in a Limited Series  

There are many strong performances from well known actors in this category, but Michael Keaton is  undoubtedly going to win for his heart wrenching performance as a rural doctor greatly affected by  the opioid epidemic in Dopesick. It is one of the best, if not the best performance of the year. Final Prediction: Michael Keaton 

Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series  

There are two performances that are most likely to take home this award: Amanda Seyfried in The  Dropout and Margaret Qualley in Maid. Seyfried will most likely edge out Qualley for her impressive  transformation into the real life Elizabeth Holmes. Her complete embodiment of the quirky CEO was  a strong statement, but Qualley could possibly pull out a win for her heart wrenching performance  as a woman suffering from domestic abuse. 

Final Prediction: Amanda Seyfried 

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series  

Murray Bartlett has been favored to win this award since The White Lotus came out in the summer  of 2021. It is his to lose 

Final Prediction: Murray Bartlett 

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series 

Five out of the seven nominees in this category are from The White Lotus. So there’s that. Although  Sydney Sweeney has had a breakout year, Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya will deservedly take home the 


Final Prediction: Jennifer Coolidge 

Watch the 2022 Emmy Awards Monday, September 12 at 8/7c on NBC! It will also be available to  stream live on Peacock.


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