Movie review: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Opening in the box office at 181 million dollars in the first week, the success of “BLACK PANTHER WAKANDA FOREVER” has been massive. It seems like director Ryan Coogler has done the impossible by continuing to expand upon the world of Wakanda, as well as paying homage to Chadwick Boseman who tragically passed away prior to the second films production.

Honestly as a pessimist and as an official Marvel Comic Book nerd, I did not have high expectations, but I was definitely surprised. The first part of the film sort of reviewed the world of Wakanda which some might find boring, but the second and third act had me on the edge of my seat, wanting the know what would happen next. There were many so many plot twists that pleasantly surprised me, such as how Shuri became the Black Panther. I enjoyed this twist because I personally believe that the writers did give the audience what they asked for, but not in the way that they expect.

The movie stayed faithful to the Marvel Comic issues that portray the intense conflict between the leaders Namor and Black Panther. The writers deeply expand on their kingdom’s complexities as well as their personal and external conflicts with the outside world trying to pry into their technologically advanced kingdoms resources mirroring to the history of imperialism and colonialism committed by European nations. In addition, I would add that they expanded upon the comics in in order to encompass the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s plot line of the multi- verse which has the potential to introduce the concept of mutants (X-Men).

Overall, the rating that I fairly enjoyed this movie and it really held its own against the previous Black Panther movie. One thing that I liked better than the previous movie was the CGI. I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive due to many superhero movies overindulgence into special effects which in my opinion, makes the movie look cheap. However, the CGI particularly in the of Telokan(Namor’s World) could be compared to an underwater Avatar which captures the beauty of the ocean while a being a bit fanciful.

In all, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, is truly a film that should be on a 2022 watch list for all movie lovers. This movie was far from a disappointment and is a movie that contributes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an impactful way.

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